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River Gorge Explorer Information

The River Gorge Explorer

The Tennessee River

Saw some bardges being pulled down the river

Some boaters fishing

House way up on the hill. What a view!

Today we got together with a group of Escapees and we decided to take a boat ride on the Tennessee River via the "River Gorge Explorer". They would not take any reservations but when John called there were 34 slots available. We had 10 in our group so we loaded up some cars and off we went. When we arrived there were only 4 available on the 1:00pm cruise (the one we wanted) so all of us could not go, they had enough on the 3:00pm tour but that was too late. So John and Sharon, Tom and I decided since we were not that interested in doing flea marketing that we would do the tour and meet back with them at the campground after we were done.

It was great. This boat is run by Jets so it can go from a top speed of about 55 miles per hour to 0 mph in a second. It is amazing. We rode on the Tennessee River about 26 miles then returned. Stopping for ALL other boaters. It was great. When we were finished the captain did several 360-degree spins for us. Awesome!

Fun was had by all.

The price for this adventure was $29.00 per adult.

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