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Jenny Covered in "Peckish" Parrots

Shy Toucan

Worship the stone Turtle

Imagine Playing the same game for 3000 years?

Jen has asked me to add that the people of Honduras are much different in their driving habits than the Belizians, ie, much more crazy and horn-driven.

The town of Copan Ruinas is a very small, steep town set 1km from some Mayan Ruins.

The ruins are smaller but more restored than Lamanai, you can see the space they made for themselves. It is a mix of ruin and restored, the care takers have put back some of the buildings while most are still heaps of stone left after several earthquakes.

Macaw Mountain was a treat, normally bird shows are very strict and carefully done, here they let them out and left us with the birds! We have holes in our shirts to prove it. Some werekeen on chewing pottery, so will have to remember that for future pets.

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