Jack's Retirement Challenge May 2011 travel blog

Me and my new bike ready for Italy and the Alps

Packing my bike #1

Packing my bike #2

All packed and ready to go!

Well, after 5000km of training and 60 000 metres of climbing today is the day I set off. I purchased a new bike for the trip and I've packed it carefully with lots of bubble wrap and cardboard for strength. I've also packed some clothing around it and just hope that the baggage handlers treat the bag with some care. The rest of my luggage fits into a smallish case and a largish carry-on bag. If I have forgotten anything I'll just have to buy it in Italy. The last couple of days I haven't had a chance to ride and now I'm facing more than 20 hours of flights and airports so I will be itching for a ride when I get to Palermo. I must remember that they ride/drive on the other side of the road. I'll keep this travel journal going as often as I can if my net-book can get sorted; at the moment is slower than a wet weekend when I am on the Internet.

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