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A day cruisin' the Med today...

All set for a relaxing day in the sun

Tony, John, Phil, cameron, Keith

Back: Marty. Caroline, Mary, Kevin, Emma, Sharlene, Lyndell, Keith, Tam, Jan. Front:...

things are going just swimmingly

Kev, all set to make a splash

time to just relax

Casey, Andrew and Tony getting into the swing of things

dropping in

Sailing away...

Med day cruise

Med day cruise

Med day cruise

Med day cruise

Cynthea and Lyndell, in there somewhere...

Med day cruise

from our hotel room in Fethiye

A lazy day today, nothing planned and everyone is free to do their own thing. A big group has opted for the island cruise, and we don’t have to be ready until nearly 10am. Mainly our group on the boat, with just two other passengers as we leave. We pick up a family of four at another resort, then head out to sea. The wind picks up and it is cool, but not unpleasant. We moor in a deep bay where the water is clear and very deep. Many of us are soon in the water, it is a lovely spot. We are told we will be there an hour, and for some reason we are there much longer. We aren’t told why the delay getting away, and it is a bit annoying as we could have stayed in swimming.

We finally get under way, but don’t get far as the coastguard (we think?) pulls us up about 15 minutes later. The boat stops while they are aboard for a good hour. Once again no explanation, so we just laze in the sun and read or play cards. There is dark clouds, thunder and lightening over the mainland, and we hope it stays away. We were told we would have lunch on the move, and we can smell it ready, but because of the visitors it is not served.

The next stop lunch is served, it is nothing flash, but it fills a gap. We worry that it has been ready for some time, and wonder why we didn’t get it on the way here, because we are missing another opportunity to swim. A few people feed scraps to the fish, and a few of us get into the water. There is a tree with a swing rope, but only a couple of people use it. The water is warmer than the first stop. We think we are called back to the boat, and end up sitting around for ages again. Tony goes downstairs and the crew are sitting smoking and having coffee, so he heads off for another swim. Just as he gets the swing rope, the boat starts up, so it is a very quick splash and back to the boat. We are certain the buggers never once counted all were aboard!

The third stop is a big bay, nice for swimming and there is a good climb to the top of the island. Cynthea can swim here as she doesn’t have to use the ladder to get back on the boat. Tony goes in for a quick swim, and joins the others on the climb up the hill. Fantastic views, and the cliff is bloody high, the track is a bit narrow in places, but safe enough. It is clouding over as we board the boat again.

The fourth stop is on Sword Island, it is still cloudy, and the heat has gone from the day, so no one bothers swimming. We are told there are views from the top, but we meet a couple on their way down who tell us there is bugger all to see, so we opt to skip stones on the beach instead as the rain sets in. We head back to base soon after, and arrive in town at 6pm. Nobody worries that we missed one stop because of the boarding party, but if it had stayed hotter it might have been a different story. Trip cost us TYL40 ($34) each including lunch. Beers were half price on the way back in so we had a few quiets.

Back to the hotel for hot showers and laundry duty. After tea we didn’t do a lot, and had an early night. It was good to have a break from travelling on the bus all day.

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