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Happy Mother's Day Mom! Even though we are apart today I want you to know we are thinking about you today as we do everyday. We love you tons and we'll see you in a couple of weeks!

And speaking of mothers, there are many women who have not given birth to a child that have fulfilled all the criteria of a Mother and shared the love of a Mother's heart. Adoptive mothers, Stepmothers and of course, Grandmothers.

So to all those Adoptive Moms, Happy Mother's Day and God bless you for willingly choosing to love a child given you. And to the birth Moms who gave up a child because they knew they could not give the child a good life, I applaud you the most, for you sacrificed your own heart so your child could have what you could not give them.

And to all of you that are a Stepmother, I know that it does not take the biological act of conception, 9 months of carrying a child, and giving birth to love a child. May God bless you for the task you willingly undertook out of love!

And finally, to you Grandmothers out there who are raising your grandchildren, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! God bless you for taking on a job designed for a much younger woman because you had a heart filled with love!

Happy Mother's Day Moms!!!!

I wish all of you a Blessed and Joyous Day....

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