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The view of the kickoff from my seat

Me at the socceroos game

Saturday - Spent most of the day on the computer looking up things like ashes tickets and jobs.

Sunday - Exciting stuff today we joined a video shop, but the £30 dvd player we bought at the market doesnt work and guess which stand holder has gone missing.

Monday - Got heaps of calls from the job agencies today so hopefully something will turn up in the next few days or week.

Tuesday - Just went for a bit of a trip into London and walked around all day then headed back home, was just sick of sitting in the flat.

Wednesday - I had an interview for a great job today. There was only two of us involved in the final interview stage, but unfortunatly i missed out. The other guy had used the property industry specific software before and i hadn't. Anyway plenty of more jobs to come.

Thursday - Today was spent getting ready for the big clash of the football titans. Australia and New Zealand. I got tickets to the game in "the fanatics" section of the crowd. I went with Emily Wilkinson from Singleton and we started about 5pm in a pub near the ground. After a meal and a few beers we made it to the stadium and it was an unreal feeling being around so many aussies, and luckly we won with a goal in the 80th minute. We where sitting right behind the goal too so it was great.

Friday - Fun day today, did my washing and cleaned my room, it is becoming a habit that fridays is a cleaning day.

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