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What a day. Firstly, we got to Dangriga yesterday only to find our boat had already left (departs once a week). So, with some frantic net search, we came up with a plan. Another boat was leaving (today) from Puenta Guorda to Guatemala (Puerto Borrias) In order to get there on time we needed a 5.00am bus. Once in Guatemala, we were hassled onto a small people carrier which took us through the border to Honduras (Puerto Cortes), then left us at the side of the road to wait for another bus to San Pedro. From here we were luckily on time for the 4 hour bus to take us to Copan Ruinas,unluckily however, we were packed in like canned fish and had to stand. Its been a long day and 3 immigration forms, but we are here now and rest will ensue.

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