Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Yesterday we had to pay the BIG price for diesel for the big honkin' dually for the first time. $4.05.9!!! But we outsmarted them. I pulled in knowing this was the best price in Crestview and did a little math (wonders of wonders). I whipped out my trusty smart phone and went to the calculator. I knew how much fuel and range I had because the big honkin' has an on board computer. Then I figured how many miles we needed to travel (phone does that too) and figured how many gallons of this high priced fuel we needed (plus a 50 mile buffer) and put in just that much. When we got to Cordele GA. I already knew where I could get diesel for $3.96.9 (an app on my phone). So I only put $50 in at the $4+ place and put in 35 gallons in GA (we had 3 gallons left which was the buffer). Good thinkin'. Any way Shirley is under the weather. Still has the bruised foot and now she feels awful. Not much we can do but give her rest so I am doing all the driving. On the way soon to visit Shirley's sisters Dianna and Bonnie for a couple of days. Since she is down and I don't know how to load pictures there are none today. I will make up for them tomorrow. Oh, last night I got to hear my first Braves game on the radio. I was so excited!

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