Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Look closely

Shirley, Izzy and Trevor gettin' ready for the river

Good crowd

River view

We did both have paddles.

Except of course these two feeloaders.

RIver views

Sandy bottom

It really wasn't this cold

River view

River view

River view

River view

Off with the sweat shirt

Into the water

Ah, the lovely Shirley

Picnic spot

River view

River view

Sandy beach

More sand

River view

The three musketeers

Inland lake

What a great day we had! We went on a canoe trip 4.5 miles down the Blackwater River. We had never heard of a sandy bottom river before. The sand in the river bed and on the banks are the sugar white sand you see in the Florida Panhandle. This is a pristine river, so clean and not developed. This is a step back in time to what Florida once was like. We stopped and picnicked on one of the many beaches along the way. The whole trip from the time we put in to shoring the canoe was about 2.5 hours. A couple of items of note: yet another couple just needed to see the truck camper again, we are officially into our 3rd month on the road,and today when we fuel up we will be paying over $4 a gallon for diesel for the first time. We met a couple at the campground river beach and were talking camper stuff. I started to tell them about our harrowing tornado experience when they politely said they doubted it could top theirs. 8 years ago their entire house, barns horses everything was destroyed by a tornado. It took 10 seconds. They got in their crawl space without even enough time to close the door. Their truck was moved by the wind covering the door and when it was over they could not get out. The storm chasers who were following the tornado came up to what was once their house, called out and they answered. The husband's cousin and family just up the road were all killed. Needless to say I did not tell them about our experience. Leaving today and heading east. Enjoy the many pics.

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