Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

On the way to the river beach

Great scenery

Cedar swamp

Picnic pavilion

Almost there

Blackwater river

Sand beaches

The river bank



Clear water.

Self portrait

We just hung out yesterday. Didn't even start the big honkin' dually. Our camper continues to be a magnet. Had three people stop by. One couple lives in Jacksonville Beach Fl. which is next door to our planned retirement home in Neptune Beach (small world). It will be interesting to catch up with them when this all ends whenever that may be. Even smaller world, the other person who stopped by camped with us at Cedar Key Fl about 6 weeks ago. Shirley rested her very bruised foot, we caught up on things, solved an insurance problem with our Decatur house. Our mortgage company had not been told by our new insurance company that the house was covered. Allstate told them we dropped their coverage. They gave us 30 days to come up with insurance (which we had) or they were going to get us very expensive coverage. Why is this an issue? Because the letter was dated April 10 and since we had no knowledge of a problem we did not get the letter until May 2 when we stopped by Crestview Fl to get our mail. We could have had it forwarded to us at some camp if we knew of the issue. But all is well. This is a beautiful campground at Blackwater River State Park. I should have said one of the jewels of the Florida park system not THE jewel. The river is one of a kind. Sandy bottom with sand beaches all along it.Kind of lonely explorin' by myself but Shirley really could not have done the foot travel. Today we are taking a canoe trip for 4-5 miles and stopping on the bank for lunch I am packing. Self guided tour. Looking forward to it. Enjoy the pics.

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