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We are Florida residents!! Yesterday was a work day in Crestview Fl 23 miles from our camp in Blackwater River State Park. First we picked up our mail and then dropped Shirley off to the library with the computer while I tracked down how to register the big honkin' dually, get drivers licenses and register to vote. After getting lost trying to find the tax collectors office I finally came upon it and voila the big honkin'' was registered with Florida tags. We stopped for lunch in a very nice historic downtown Crestview then on to the license office. A bit of a wait but we both got Florida licenses with new spiffy pictures AND they registered us to vote in Okaloosa County. This means we are official Florida's and no Georgia state income tax!! Our day was not without laughable problems however. Shirley is still hobbled but nothing really keeps her down. We went to Publix (of course) and used the copier to make copies of our licenses and a copy of the license plate. We are probably breaking the law but it is a pain to keep moving the license plate from the truck to the camper and back. We end up driving the truck without the camper and without a license plate. So we have made a copy and protected it with plastic and put that on the camper. IF we get stopped and I can get the officer to look under the camper and see the real license plate on the truck we should be OK. However, when we got back to our campground (remember 23 miles away)we realized the license plate was still on the Publix copier. So back Shirley went. Of course she stopped at Walmart so all was not lost. Today is a day of rest. Showers coming but NOTHING like we experienced last week. However, the bathrooms are within sight! Tomorrow we are planning a kayaking trip down the Blackwater River. Enjoy the pics.

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