We stumbled upon an American treasure today. Pioneer Village has more to see than the Smithsonian on our early American history and technology. We spent all day here and will stay one more day for sure. Still just seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Russell said everyone should have this place on their bucket list and he is so right. They have a restaurant, motel and campground so we are camped here tonight. Walked a lot today and my back is angry. Iced it and downed some motrin and hope it helps. I got the short story prompt at noon yesterday for the quarterly 24 hour short story contest and wrote my entry last night. I gave it a final edit this morning and emailed it off before the 24 hour deadline. I will be posting it on my writing website in a day or two. We are watching Robin Hood on the TV tonight and I am writing this during the commercials.

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