Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Heifer Int'l Headquarters. Little Rock.

Not night time at our hotel. Pine Bluff AR

The son but still not night time. Pine Bluff AR.

$81 was never more worth it.

Down the road it became a tornado.

Flooded field.

The mighty Missisip.

French Camp MS

French Camp MS.

A learning farrm Justin!

Bed and Breakfast. French Camp MS.

Also B and B quarters. Pretty neat!

Our storm shelter.

Had all we needed.

Preparing for the tornado that (thankfully) didn't come.

2nd bathroom in two days. Just hangin' on.

So last I left y'all (southern term) we were hold up at the Ramada in Pine Bluff AR. After a good hearty (hotel provided) breakfast we found the big honkin' dually and camper in tact. Weather was iffy so we made tracks south east trying to beat the storms and tornadoes which were forecasted. Did pretty well. Stopped at French Camp MS. This is a recreated (with restored original buildings) French trading post. We learned of this very interesting loction from our dear friends Lige and Ena from our Decatur Church. But we needed to boogie because the storms they were approachin'. We took the scenic Natchez Trace road and got about 2 miles from French Camp and were flagged down. Tree blocking the highway. VERY kind local man told us how to bi-pass(taking a detour). Well let me tell you sophisticated folks the road we were on looked like your driveway and about as wide. When we took the dirt road over the unguarded RR tracks it got even(if you can believe it) worse. We made it to the road we needed. On our way to our camp ground we went through not one but two communities which were hit by tornadoes within the HOUR!!! Yikes! We were monitoring the weather on the radio and found ourselves directly in the path of a tornado. OMG! We needed a tornado shelter and there were none around. We came to an intersection of two rural roads. There was a church which was locked (it was brick) we turned around in their parking lot and across the street was a gas station with a convenience store. Parked our rig (new camper term) on the grass in a nook of the store building which was made of cinder blocks (better than prefab). And spent the next two hours waiting out the storm. For anyone who thinks this type of thing never happens, it does. In three days in two states (in close proximity to us) two dozen people died from injuries due to tornadoes and flash floods. So for the second day in 3 we were in a bathroom. The police were at the intersection blocking traffic and telling people to get to cover, the tornado was coming right at us. And it was scary. Praise be to God the cloud wall with the tornado which touched ground a mile or so before us, passed by. WHEWWWWW!!!! As I write, the front which has plagued us is moving to Alabama and Georgia. The skies are finally clear. Be safe our friends to the east. We are on the way to Dothan Al where our daughter Collins and her husband Scott live. This will be our second visit. Stopping to get some paperwork needed to become Florida citizens which will occur next week. Tomorrow we are going to the Jimmy Rogers museum. He is the rockabilly star of the 50s and early 60s (Kisses Sweater than Wine). He was born in Meridian MS. Despite the weather, we are enjoying this so! Here are pics from yesterday and today. Enjoy!

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