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Ranch entrance

Water Buffalo

Central American Village

Central American Village

One of many barns

Sheep dogs on the guard

Baby chicks

Herb garden

If you have been following the weather we are right in it. Little Rock Arkansas. Huge storms and tornadoes last evening. When the sirens went off we scurried to the bathrooms at the campground. Nice cement building and hung out with folks in the women's room. There were equal numbers in the men's room. Golf ball size hail. No damage that we can see. Limbs down in the next site. We are right on the Arkansas river and it is high but still in its banks. The forecast is no better for today. There is no way for us to escape the storms coming again. We did escape the worst of it yesterday. Hot Springs and Perryville really were hit hard with tornadoes. We camped the two nights before in Hot Springs and were in Perryville yesterday visiting and touring the Heifer International Ranch. They asked us to stay in their campground but I told Shirley I thought we were too vulnerable to heavy weather. What good luck or is it good blessings? Well, the Heifer International Ranch was outstanding. Very hard to describe in a few words but it is a 1200 acre self sustaining ranch. Heifer International is an organization dedicated to working with 3rd world countries in helping people be self sustaining, improving their lives by teaching them to use animals (which they supply) to grow and multiply to use to sell the excess milk, sell off spring, eat etc. It is so much more than that though. This is a place Shirley wanted to see and I was just going along. Well we both were so impressed with this ranch that we would like to come back and volunteer. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers today. Looks like we are going to need to ride it our again. If you would like to see some of our stay in the ladies room please go to facebook. Enjoy the pics.

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