Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Camper off the big honkin' dually

Becky, Jay, Nick, Tasha, Uncle Bob, Aunt Pat, us, Teddy and Casey

Uncle Bob, Aunt Pat, Shirley, Becky

Carl and Jean Hess

Shirley and Carl

View from our campsite Millwood State Park AR

Me relaxin'

Lewisville inside the fishing barge.

Special rules when inside the barge.

View from campground at Lewisville Lake

Apologies to Albert E. but I have my own theory. If you are one of six and your father had 10 in his family and your mother had 13, then you have A LOT of relatives. And that is the case with Shirley. Sorry for the delay in posting, poor to no Internet access at yesterday's campground. So I go back to Thursday. We spent a delightful day with Shirley's cousin Becky and her parents Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat VanDuzer (but Becky calls them mom and dad). The plan was to have them all out to the campground for lunch but it was raining. So we went back to Old Town Lewisville and treated the gang to lunch at the same restaurant Shirley and I ate at the day before. Legend has it the one time owner of the house (a doctor) would be kidnapped and blindfolded then taken to Bonnie and Clyde's hide out near the lake to treat them. After lunch we toured the vast Corp.of Engineers campground via the big honkin' dually. Becky invited us to her house for dinner and there we met up with her husband Jay and kids Nick (17) and Tasha (13)yes all relatives. They recently moved to the Dallas area and have a very nice home with a swimming pool! Yesterday was a travel day but we spent a long time in the Dallas area. Stopped at AAA to get camping books and maps, then to Bass Pro Shop to get me waterproof shoes for rain gear. And then visited another of Shirley's cousins in Greenville TX. This is Carl Hess and his wife Jean. The live in a private camp resort that has a lake stocked with fish. It was very pretty. We motored up into Arkansas (why is this pronounced Are-ken-saw?). We spent the night right on the lake at Millwood State Park just above Texarkana. This is the first time for both of us to be in Arkansas. Just North Dakota for us both and Alaska for Shirley and we will have been in all 50 states in our lives. On our way today to North of Little Rock and hopefully a couple of days in Hot Springs National Park. Happy Easter tomorrow everyone. Enjoy the pics.

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