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We started out at $3.69/gal as high as $4.05/gal nd after we...

All the little pine tree Indians toppled in a row. Chainsaw heaven.

This one will be much more difficult to remove.

A view from the other side of the workshop.

The record storm tide of Dec. 2010. The line of debris marks...

The tide lapped right up to our lower barn and the debris...

You can see the river behind Rita...well it is now at high...

Even with the trees down there is no more beautiful vista than...

The Jolly Green Giant rests after her long, tyering journey.

Hi Y'all, We're finally HOME !

After 13 days on the road we are finally home safe and sound at 'Offer's Acres' The most beautiful place in the world!!!

I have to pad that statement a bit because she does not look as beautiful as she did when we left. The Storm Surge last December drove the height of the river higher than I have ever seen in 60 years of living here.

We were out of contact with y'all for two nights because of the lack of internet connection. After leaving Pine Grove we found a Jellystone Park campground in Sturbridge, Mass. after a wet day of driving. It was really not ready for summer visitors and the wet, soggy pine needles made it a drudgery to set up for the night. The next night found us at Paul Bunyan Campground in Bangor, Maine. Still wet and raining and so muddy we had to engage the 4 wheel drive to pull the 5er out of the campsite in the morning. We arrived on the Island, across that beautiful bridge at about 3 pm.

We dropped the 5er off at our dealer's place and shall unload it throughout the weekend. Then we brought HeyU down to the house. Had to use the 4 wheel drive to get here because of two days of rain. We left HeyU here for the night. He was a bit angry at us today for leaving him alone but he had the heat turned on and plenty of food and water. We decided to get a good nights sleep to go to our dear friends Dick & Sally Rankin's home and to be put up in their cozy guest bed for the first night. Thank you for such a wonderful welcome home including the great Chili for supper and being so gracious in allowing us to go to bed at an early hour, we were bushed! A great breakfast and a winters worth of stories filled most of the morning. What a way to start off the day with such wonderful friends.

The wind here has diminished, the tide has gone out and the water is so smooth it is reflecting the sunset across the vista and I know exactly why we love it here so much.

The Maundy Thursday celebrations have gone past, we are seeing the close to Good Friday and we await the very special celebrations of our Lords elevation. Life is indeed good!

Boy, do I ever get soppy after 13 days on the road, eh??????

Thank you all, our friends of the winter both new and old for putting up with Rita and I, we really had a marvelous time in Texas and look forward to meeting all in the upcoming fall.

Love to you all

Tom & Rita..........and HeyU, who's sleeping because he drove the truck for a steady 13 days on the road and he's home tonight!

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