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Kim and Luke & the Three Sisters

Rob in Katoomba not being at all scared of heights

They're nice children - really!

Dinner at 'Pips Restaurant' in Hotel Orange (geddit?)

More frivolity from the Hotel Orange

Bloody hell it is cold!

We finally got through the traffic (awesome time for roadworks) and made it to Katoomba. A quick visit to view the cable car and scenic railway, no participation for us, just watching today and we kept on going to try and get some road behind us.

It is certainly different with more people in the campervan, bit noisier for starters but it also meant that there were more people to appreciate our sounds of Greece CD. The looks of delight were, well, delighful.

We powered on through Oberon, Bathurst, Lucknow (we were the first people to EVER say 'wow, we're in lucknow') and on to Orange where we have set up for the night. Can I just say, bloody hell it is cold! I mean like feel it in your bones cold. I didn't really sign up for this and will be off to the nearest K-Mart in the morning for some more layers!

A few beers onsite and then we will head in to town to see what culinary delights we can unearth for our great Friday dinner. JO

Luke and I have managed to entertain ourselves during driving and i'm surprised we haven't gone crazy yet. The train ride was awful, the train broke down! But when we got in the campervan we kept on repeating to ourselves "This campervan is so awesome.

We've stopped in Orange for the night and Luke keeps on imitating Annoying Orange. Soon we're gonna go to the pub for dinner. It's FREEZING!!! See ya later :D Athena

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