Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Lunch was great. Shirely's even better!

She is cute but a little stiff

Old Town Lewisville

Fishing Barge

Jon and Kendra

We explored Wednesday. This park run by the city is outstanding. Situated on Lake Lewisville north of Dallas, boasts not just a campground but a lighted golf course, softball complex, soccer complex, boat ramps, sandy lake shore swimming, picnic areas and a fishing barge. Never heard of a fishing barge? It is a huge floating fishing pier type of thingy. Outside fishing all around it and INSIDE fishing. Honestly you can sit around inside this monster and fish at rectangular fishing holes. Then we explored old town Lewisville. A quaint old restored Main St. It was really nice and we had an excellent lunch while we were there. We came home and walked the campground checking out the rigs. Guess what? We have the only truck camper here. We met up with Jonathan and Kendra Weber (our nephew and niece on Shirleys side) and an excellent Mexican restaurant. Now I like Mexican fine but I have a hard time with the menus because I don't know what all the different Mexican food types are. They had a BUFFET!! I could see what I liked and I liked a lot. We also toured their new home which is under construction. It looks to be a beauty! Today Shirley's cousin Becky, and her Unkle Bob and Aunt Pat are coming to the campground for lunch and then we are going to Becky's for dinner with her husband and two kids plus Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat.Haven't seen any of my relatives yet so you California's I hope you bring out the crowd in October so I can catch up with Shirley. We are having so much fun and loving this lifestyle. Enjoy the pics.

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