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What a whirlwind! Sorry for no travel blog yesterday but we were BUSY. We are in Austin Texas and this may be long.. We are visiting friends who we met in Decatur Ga. These folks came to our Church (North Decatur United Methodist)and Shirley was the chair of the Invite committee. Along came Paul and his family who were refugees. Shirley jumped at the opportunity to welcome these new comers. We all came to know Paul and his family which include his wife Namwiza, and children Christelle, Melissa, Delice and Grace. Shirley immediately meshed with the family. We LOVE them all. Virtually none of us who are reading this blog can understand the travails this family has gone through. They are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. They are the people we read about. They are refugees who were assigned to our country after living in the United Nation camps in Africa, separeted from their family. They were fleeing the government forces who were raping and killing people just like them. In fact since we have known them, Namiwiza's brother was shot dead trying to save his (and her) sister from being raped on the way home from CHURCH. Back to the present. Paul left Decatur for Austin where his mother and father live with his brother and his wife and daughter (refugees). We told them we would come and visit. They live about 1500 miles from Decatur Ga. They really thought we would not travel that far to see them. Guess what! We're here! So let's start from the beginning of our visit. We got in Saturday and set up camp in Austin with a campground with a swimming pool. We stopped by Paul and Namiwias's house which is in a beautiful neighborhood and asked them if the kids could come camp with us over night. Yes they came. We have not had kids with us for a long long time. We swam,we ate, walked, talked, watched TV and slept in the camper. What FUN! But it wore us ol' souls out (I know some of you are laughing). This morning we went to breakfast in the campground. $2 for the adults, the three kids were free. Good food and plenty of it, what a deal. We got back to our camper to see Niagara Falls coming out of the back of our unit. We had not just a leak but the Grandfather of leaks!!!! It was a disconnected hose to the kitchen hot water faucet. Something that was replaced a month ago with the instructions to tighten it every couple, three weeks. Of course I forgot that and coupled with the big bumps we went over, it came loose. It was only water and after we shut the H20 off we were able to take EVERYTHING that was wet outside the camper and dry it ONCE we changed campgrounds be closer to Paul's house ( 2 miles). So, we set up camp and dropped the kids off to home and came back to get ready for church. We set out and got to the exit but could not get off due to a HUGE bicycle rally. Took us a half hour to negotiate our way to church. The service was in Swahili as we expected and the service was 2 hours. What a blessing. The congregation was so happy to have us that a significant part of the service was thanking us for being there. Holey Moley! we just came to see people we love and we were loved even more from those who did not know us! They even had an interpreter who spoke just to us in English!!!! As Delice would say.....WOW!!! We went back to their house and had an African feast. It was excellent! Not sure how to top the highs and (very few) lows of today. Going to tour Austin tomorrow. Thanks for reading this through. Enjoy the pics.

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