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Today we left for Khon Kaen to spend Songkran at the home of our friends Mark and Jaeb. Following breakfast at our hotel and an irritating time trying to access the internet we took a taxi to the bus station which is always further than we think. Bus stations are becoming a blur each having a similar sound, smell and look of organised chaos, with hot bothered, resigned and often confused looking passengers all waiting for their bus to somewhere. On this occasion two very helpful young men tell us the right bus and tolerate our need for reassurance when we ask if every bus is ours. We finally get on board the VIP bus and are served food by a women dressed in an outfit out of Thunderbirds, and watch the movie. Eva is happy because the bus has massage seats. Trustingly we have told our friends that we will arrive at 7pm (because that’s what we were told) however at 7.30 it becomes clear that we are going to be late, very late. We are unable to make contact by mobile and when we finally arrive nearly 2 hours late we are not surprised our friends are not waiting for us. A wonderful woman at the bus station lends us her phone to contact M and J and they quickly pick us up. They had anticipated our delay. We travel to M and J’s home, have a late night beer on their roof terrace whilst gazing up at the stars and then retire to bed where we sleep very well as surprisingly travelling all day on a bus can be very tiring work.

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