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It was a good day to travel as opposed to yesterday with heavy winds. We left the Winnebago Center at 9:30AM. About an hour west we came across a gas station in Swea City, Iowa with fuel for $3.69/gallon, so we decided to top off the motorhome tank. The station/convenience store had a tight squeeze but we got up to the pump alright, but with the car attached, there was not room for traffic to get between us and the store. As I was getting out to pump my fuel, I heard some loud voices and the first thought was that someone was unhappy about our caravan blocking lanes. No, it was a lady coming around from behind on foot exclaiming how beautiful our motorhome was and gushing profusely about it. She was going on and on, and I felt the need to let her know that it took me 30+ years of hard work and planning to be able to enjoy what we are doing. I continued to engage her in conversation and that seemed to pull a lady pumping fuel into her car into our conversation. The second lady (Diane was stenciled on her shirt) said she worked at Winnebago until the 2008 financial crisis and she and her husband were layed off. As Diane and I talked further, there is a real likely possibility that she would have worked on our roof installation on the motorhome and her husband would have installed the room slides. Well I had to thank her for their excellent work and how much we are enjoying our motorhome. That seemed to strike a positive note with her and she asked the clerk from the store to come out. The clerk also had worked at Winnebago in the stenciling detail work. Well it was fun talking to these people in a small town of less than 300. My appreciation for their contribution to our rolling home seemed to delight them immensely. After we were about 5 miles down the road, Bev said we should have taken a picture of these sweet people. It's certainly a memory that we will enjoy for years to come. When we pull into a station for fuel, it's not uncommon for someone nearby to comment on our gas mileage or how much fuel does the motorhome hold. Today's encounter was a joy for us and these very nice ladies of Swea City, Iowa.

After getting set up in the RV Park in Tea, SD, Bev started laundry in our washing machine and loaded the rest in the park laundry facilities. Without hookups, we got a little behind.

Tomorrow we do the DMV driver's license exchange and some other related business items. Our plan is to drive to Chamberlain, South Dakota on the Missouri River and call it a day. Sounds like enough for one day. It has been a warm mid 70s day with bright sunny skies and birds singing in the trees. All of the things we are doing is a real tough job, but I'm glad we get to be the ones to do these tough jobs! LOL

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