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RV installed into the KOA in Placerville, CA

Some of the countryside near Lincoln, CA

Turns out these turkeys were wild. They are near HR and Phyl's...

HR makes dinner while Phyl supervises

4-11-11 Into Placerville/ Lincoln, CA

Was up at the usual 6AM or so, but was in no big hurry to get moving as I only had 150 miles or so to cover today. I went to a local Starbucks for coffee and to get my business done online. I locate the Wal Marts near the places I plan to stop and call them asking permission to spend the night in their parking lots. In the case of this part of California (in the Sacramento area), it seems that local ordinances frown on the practice of overnight parking. I located a KOA campground in Placerville, CA which is as near to Auburn as I could find (lost my Trailer Life guide when my hard drive crashed) and told “Harvey”, (our Tom Tom GPS, you might remember him), to get me there.

Harvey and I have finally come to a truce, since I have taken to the practice of mounting him into his stand (a suction cup that sticks to the windshield) he has performed almost flawlessly. Turns out he doesn’t like getting fondled. If you touch him a lot, apparently the touch screen features reprogram him to do things you don’t want, strange things. This just goes to show that a sledge hammer is about the limit of my technical abilities.

The drive into Placerville was uneventful and I was in camp by 3:30 PM. The only glitch was the Toyota battery was dead. I got the truck started then called HR and made arrangements to meet he and Phyl at their home around 6:30 PM.

HR and Phyl live in the country near the town of Lincoln, CA. The area is very pretty with rolling foothills, lakes, and the snow capped mountains just to the east. Harvey got me close, but his database did not contain enough details to get me all the way to the house. I managed to find it just before the sun went down.

HR, Phyl and I shared pictures of our reunion in Las Vegas, chatted, had a great dinner and I even got to meet Baron (a Collie about the size of an African lion) and the 3 cats who “winter” with HR and Phyl. It was a lovely evening and the invitation to spend the night was tempting, but I needed to get back to the RV in order to leave at a reasonable time in the morning. I promised I would be back to take advantage of that guest room soon then hit the road.

The drive back took a little more than an hour but it was pleasant. I was back to the RV and in bed by 11:30. I have a feeling it will be a late start in the morning.

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