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Entrance to the Magic Kingdom

And it is....

The newly renovated Haunted House

Prior Guests at the Haunted House



Run-a-way Railroad

Be careful hold on to your hair...

Off they go...

Barrack Obama 44th President was added to the Hall of Presidents in...


Lovely Flowers

Tree from Toy Story

Lovely plants made into a butterfly

Tom and the Butterfly

Can you find Mickey?

Beautiful flowers at Epcot

Tom cooling off....

Debbie saying yummy...

Entertainers at the Germany Resturant where we had lunch/dinner

This bird was cleaning up all the uneaten popcorn


Wow what a day and we sure are tired. Spent the day surrounded by magic. We started off early this morning at Disney Magic Kingdom where we rode on the steam train, runaway railroad, did the Haunted House and then off to the Hall of Presidents, where beginning on July 4, 2009 Barrack Obama stood along side of the other 43 presidents there.

Then off to Epcot to get our fast pass for "Soarin". Fast pass are where you put your park pass into a machine and they give you a time frame to return. When you return you do not have to wait in the line. You go to the head of the line.

Then we went over to the World Showcase and had lunch/dinner in Germany. It was great. Then off to ride Soarin. It is sort of like you are flying over things looking down. You fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, then you fly over ski resorts in Colorado, then off to the Badlands of South Dakota, then end up in the sky with the fireworks over Disney.

We did not return this evening for fireworks because we were so tired. We will do the parks again on Thursday. Tom and I have mastered Disney and have lots of fun things to do in between the parks. We try to do the parks every other day when we are here.

What a magical day....

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