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Looking towards the Line of Lode

Broken Hill from the Line of Lode

Miners' Memorial

Names on the Memorial

Pro Hartl painted anything!

'Dragonfly" painted on carpet

Broken Hill main street

Flock of galahs on road to Silverton


Standing guard outside one of the galleries at Silverton

Dry creek bed

Arrived in Broken Hill on Friday morning and moved into the caravan park for a week. Our first stop was the patchwork shop so I could get some more fabric for the quilt I'm handpiecing while we're on the road. While there I found a brochure for the Silver City Quilters so made some enquiries and then spent the day on Saturday stitching and chatting to some lovely ladies, while John did a Cook's tour around town.

Most of the street names in town relate to the mining industry, eg. Sulphide, Galena, Argent, Beryl, Bromide, Cobalt, Wolfram, Chloride etc. - John says its like driving through the Periodic Table - whatever that is!

The weather has turned quite cool and everyone is getting around in their winter woolies, but so far we haven't succombed.

Broken Hill is quite a nice town with the Line of Lode looming above it. The mine is 7.5 klms long by 250 metres wide and there is enough ore to mine for another 30 to 40 years. We visited the Miners' Memorial on top of the Line, this Memorial lists the names and details of miners killed since the mine opened in the late 1880's up to 1992. The youngest person killed in the mine was aged 12 and the oldest 79!

Since then we've seen some of the galleries including Pro Harts; the Big Picture - this landscape is 100 metres long and 12 metres high and took 2 1/2 years to complete - it is amazing but unfortunately they won't let you take pictures.

The suggestion was made that we visit "Bushy" White's mining museum which we hadn't seen advertised anywhere so we didn't know what to expect but this man is amazing. He has built a replica of a mine which explains very well what it is like underground - he had spent 26 years as a miner. He also makes pictures from all the different minerals - they are extremely well done and obviously very time consuming, but not to our taste. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera!

A visit to Silverton was today's outing, this town first established in the late 1800's isn't much more than a ghost town now, with a few stone buildings still standing and a couple of galleries to browse. The cafe there serves a lovely lunch!

Still a few more places to visit but we'll leave here Friday morning and head for Wentworth to visit Robin (my first friend). We'll eventually get into South Australia.

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