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Lake Taupo

Rapids at Huka Falls

Huka Falls

Craters of the Moon

Douglas entering the unknown

Geothermal hole in the ground

A steaming pit!

New Zealand sits directly on top of the fault between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates. This causes lots of earthquakes and volcanic activity, and Lake Taupo was formed by the volcano here erupting about 150AD. The eruption made the world's skies darken for three days! It was the biggest eruption known to man and has yet to be beaten. All this activity makes for a beautiful setting and some very interesting attractions nearby.

Today we went out to Huka Falls which were amazingly scary, the water moves so quickly and people have died canoeing over the rapids. We then visited Craters of the Moon, a geothermal area. This is where the magma in the earth heats the water near the surface causing it to bubble in mud pools, and gush from the ground as steam. This is probably a very basic, and possibly wrong, explanation but the photos might explain it better. The whole area smells of sulphur and the earth is red and yellow from the minerals in it. It was fascinating, and felt like we had entered another world, or some kind of sci fi programme.

We also visited the hot pools which are heated naturally by the hot water in the ground, and Doug finally got to play a round of golf.

More wierd things to come when we visit Rotorua tomorrow.

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