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Lisa, Jeff, Jamison and Sandra looking for critters in a tide-pool

Jeff and Jamison using the critter ID guide at Cobble Beach

Jamison touching a sea star

Jeff, Lisa and Jamison at the top of the lighthouse

Jamison "relaxing" with the harbor seal in the interpretive center

Alvin and Anna on Agate Beach

One last shift at Cobble Beach tide-pool area

Russ and Jackie Howell (and me) in the lighthouse

Russ, Jackie, Snooks and Sandra at Devil's Churn, south of Newport

Jackie and Snooks at Devil's Churn

Well, it's great to be back in Jerome! We left Newport around noon on Thursday, making it to Pendleton, then made the balance of the trip yesterday - arriving home at about 7pm.

We LOVED what we did at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and adored the employees we worked with. HOWEVER...moving "desert rats" to the windy, cool, wet and rainy coast?...the rain got old. Granted, they set records for not reaching 60 degrees and total precipitation in the month of March. 'Guess we know now that the coast will always be a vacation/short-term destination. It will not make the 'possible place to live' list.

It was hard to leave the people but definitely not the weather.

Our trip home went very smoothly due to the help of Russ and Jackie Howell. An eternal "Thank You" to them. Had they not showed up to help us move back we would probably still be somewhere in central Oregon because Rick's back pain has gotten worse, limiting his ability to drive to one to two hours.

Since our last post of March 11 we had a few visitors:

Dennis Adfield and significant other Julie came to see us on Wed the 16th - four hours after Rick had departed for the Portland airport so he could meet his friend in Wendover, NV. I was on the phone with Rick when they knocked on the door so at least he got to talk to them. Dennis is a volunteer fire-fighter with Jerome Rural Fire Dept.

It was our day off so I showed Dennis and Julie the lighthouse, Cobble Beach and Quarry Cove. We had a very nice visit.

While Rick was gone I kept myself busy with a little sewing, work and going to game-night with Keith and Wendy (our volunteer host neighbors). Game-night is something the State of Oregon volunteers have established. Each friday evening they get together at South Beach's activity center to play cards or other games. Everyone brings something to snack on and the fun and visiting goes on for about three hours.

Rick returned on Sunday the 20th. On tuesday night Lisa, Jamison and Jeff (and Alvin the dog) arrived from Twin Falls/Boise after driving about ten hours. It was wonderful to see the kids and grandson again. His "other daughter", Laura wasn't able to join them - darn it. Wednesday and Thursday we did as much as we could; the lighthouse, Interpretive Center, tide-pools, seals at Quarry Cove, dinner at Mo's, Agate Beach, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Oregon Coast Aquarium and we also spent some time watching the sea lions beg on the docks at the bay-front.

It was actually fairly nice while they were here, only raining occasionally instead of constantly.

Gosh, now we only had one more week here....Where did the time go?

Visitor counts were up quite a bit as it was school spring break in more places than Sountern Idaho so we were VERY busy while working no matter what the assignment was. Each day flew by and we were pretty tired when we got home.

Through the month of March we bonded with Keith and Wendy. They are such wonderful people - so easy to get to know and love. It was a must to have dinner and spend the evening together. We got that done just three days before our time was up. A great friendship has emerged. We hope it's not too long before we see them again.

As stated earlier, Russ and Jackie (and Snooks the dog) arrived to travel back with us. They drove all day on Tues, pulling in around 9:30pm. We had all day Wednesday to show them where we had been "working", with the exception of the time it took us to turn in our gear and say our sad good-byes to the employees on staff that morning. They had a nice card with special good-bye messages and a wonderful Marionberry streudal waiting for us. As soon as they knew Russ and Jackie were waiting for us (wondering through the interpretive center)they demanded that they come back to the break-room and join us. So now Russ and Jackie know how wonderful the BLM folks are.

We were not able to explore the tide-pools because it was just too stormy that day - way to wet, windy and cold --- Imagine That!! - But we did give them a tour of the lighthouse and interpretive center. Russ and I suffered through the rain so I could explain to him the affects of the tsunami tidal activity - getting totally soaked in the five minutes that we stood on the top deck at Cobble Beach.

As for any of you interested in how the fifth-wheel as been working out for us? - ;

We are SO SO glad that we invested in the dual-pane windows. Not only did they help with noise reduction, we also credit them for no interior moisture to deal with - even with two months of almost non-stop precipitation.

Our little electric fireplace kept us very comfortable. We set the furnace to kick on at 63 and it only came on around four or five in the morning on those days that the outside tempurature never made it above 40. While we were up and about we would use the small ceramic heater for an hour or so..then it would just get too warm. We may have used it a total of 20 hours.

Fortunately we didn't experience any roof vent leaks. We did however find moisture and mold in the little closet next to the bed. We've been checking ever since and the only thing we can figure is that when we had the horrible rain storms with the sixty-mile-an-hour winds some rain made its way under the seal. Rain with no gail-force winds haven't produced any moisture since.

And a final note from the household chef: No need for a gas oven. The combination convection/microwave ovens they put in RVs now do everything a cook needs. My oven is now a storage area. Too bad I didn't know that when we ordered our unit.

Well, again...... we are happy to be back in Jerome.

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