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Mystery bird, singing in the palm tree

Red Mountain - around Phoenix

Our 1/2 hour delay, on the Phoenix freeway, I-10 west

Desert valley - between Arizona and California

Quartzite, AZ

Snowy peak in the distance

Windfarms towards Riverside, CA

Into the hills toward Escondido

Our campsite in Escondido RV Resort

Bird of Paradise - part of the landscaping around our camper, along...

Date: April 1, 2011

Tonight’s Location: Escondido, CA

Mileage: End - 75714

Start - 75304

Total Miles for the day: 410

Weather: Sunny and hot

Temperature: start 56º

High 108

Wildlife count: hummingbird, red-tail hawk, Great Egrets

We left Apache Junction, AZ this morning about 8:30 am after delightful bagels and coffee with Jim and Gayle. Traveling west on I-10 across Arizona, we were completely in the desert. We had purchased a Mountain Directory of Steep Grades, and I checked the route that Good Sam had recommended for our travel through California from I-10 to Escondido. Turns out that the shortcut on the route would take us through a narrow 2-lane road with lots of 25 mph curves at 6% grade. THAT didn’t sound good, and no better choices were available. Soooooooooooo, we drove almost 100 miles out of our way to stay on Interstate, and even at that, there were some serious curves and steep grades. Our day turned out to be MUCH longer than planned.

The other issue was the temperature. As we were passing close to Palm Desert, our tire pressure read 1 lb. We immediately were able to get off of the interstate, and then John noticed that another tire registered extremely low pressure. We found a place to stop and inspect, and what had happened is that with the extreme heat (108°), the pressure in the tires had heated past the safety zone. John let air out until the pressure went down, and we were safe to go on.

After setting up at our resort, we went to a local Wendy’s for a quick bite and then back to the resort to rest. It was amazing that at 76°, we felt almost cool. What a change when the sun went down!

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