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Making our ti-dye shirts, have to twirl and rubber band the shirt...

Debbie spraying her ti-dye shirt

All the groups ti-dye shirts hanging to dry

Set up for the Red Hat Tea

Red Hat Table

Look at her red hat

Eleanore at the Red Hat Tea

Eleanore busy setting up

Debbie with her door prize

March 28, 2011

Today around 9am we left FCRV Retirees Rally. It has been fun.

Now we are attending FCRV "YARs" Rally. We will be here at the Mineola Civic Center through Thursday.

March 29, 2011

Today at 9am we met to tie dye our YARs t-shirts. We started with a white t-shirt. Then you twist pieces of the t-shirt and wrap it with rubber bands until your shirt is all twisted up. Then you take a mixture of craft paint (which we used blue) and some water and mix it in a spray bottle. Then you spray the t-shirts then hang them up to dry. After about 1/2 hour you remove the rubber bands and finish drying.

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