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March 23, 2011

I left Curumani at 8:15 and arrived in Taganga around 2:30. With four stops. Officially. There were a lot more in Santa Martha to ask for directions but who’s counting. 275km’s. The road was good until I got closer to Santa Martha then it got think with traffic.

I thought Taganga was a suburb of Santa Martha but it’s actually quite a ways out. I went to Casa de Felipe as per the Brits instructions and it was full so I went down the street to a German run place. I am not sure the name. I have a private room with A/C but no private bath. $COP60,000.00. It’s rich but I don’t think I’ll stay long. I have my heart set on Punta Galinas. On further research I discovered that I’ll need a 4x4 to get there. Electra’s tyres are almost bald. She won’t make it. I am going to inquire more around town. Maybe things have changed.

This is the most gringos I have seen in Colombia yet. It seems to be a pretty cool town though.

At least with a lot of gringos comes the gringo food.

I saw a VW Van with Ontario plates on it in town. That is something. I wonder how they got across the Dairen. I saw another big boy bike also. I am not sure what type but it had Argentinean placas.

Nothing much new to report.

March 23, 2011 [part 2]

You loose, you learn.




I met a really cool couple this afternoon. From Texas. God I hate popping pills. Both are for seizures. As of late they remind me of the other night. Its soooo fucked up. The feeling. You can not control it. Fight it and it gets worse. God all I wanna do is ride. Ride to where no one has been. That’s impossible, of course. But with imagination anything is possible. In Santa Catalina I was as close to IT as possible. Can I ever achieve THAT again? And again I am in ‘paradise’. I think it’s who you surround yourself with rather than what you surround yourself with.

So what of Canada’s involvement in Libya? Who is our Prime Minister? What a stupid fuck. Let it go. Ask Dallaire about involvement or the lack of. Fuck you Canada. Puppet. Soooooo weak. So weak. (Ghosts of Rwanda) Clinton has 800,000 on his hands. Mengele has how many? The difference is that one HAD the power to stop it and the other propagated it. Really now - which is worse? Think long and hard about it... I have - nothing exists in my helmet except me and the inquisition. Always do what is right - in your heart... And Belgium for bolting. We - Canadians - came... we didn't 'bolt'. But it's a different time, a different place - still you should have stayed.

Little is known or cared about of this situation. 800,000 people shot and hacked to death in three months. I haven't done the math but per dia - uggh. I dunno...I just watched the film and I am trying to grasp what I just wittened saw. Awwh fuck was just a film...after all. I don't know....

Yet oil rich countries get the....

So the A/C in my room would be better if I hired someone to blow on me. It's costing me an extra $COP10,000.00/noche.

/and I stop to the edge to see my world below

//and I laughed to myself while the tears rolled down because it’s the world I know

The World I Know – Collective Soul

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