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March 22, 2011

I left Bucaramanga around 7:30 this morning. After about 15 minutes it started to rain. It continued to rain for another two hours. At times it was really light. After about an hour and a half I stopped and put on my rain gear. It’s always such a hassle. Then it promptly got sunny. While I was putting on my rain gear I begin to feel really really strange. I started to feel like this last night but dismissed it as nothing as the feeling was light. I had a good word for it when I was driving but now it has escaped me. Distant, out of body, dizzy, REALLY dizzy…It was really really odd. I was kinda freaked out – what if the feeling got stronger? If I was in Canada I would have went to the hospital. I have to get checked out when I return. Something is happening with the tumor or my body. I knew this day was going to come – it was just a matter of when. It’s fortunate that it coincides with my trip home. I wonder how long it will be before I get to go under the knife – if that’s what it is. I still would like to know how long it is before I go under the knife.

I couldn’t make it to Santa Marta/Taganga today. I have about 275km’s to go. Six hours I figure – with all my stops. I would like to arrive before it gets hot. I looked on the news the other day and Cartagena was 30 degrees. It must be that here – in Curumani. They don’t see too many tourists here. I am sure that some do on the highway. It’s the main highway to the coast from Bogota and everyone coming from Bogota to Santa Marta has to past this way. This is such a cool country. The coolest yet. Panama and Mexico come a close second. I am glad to going back to Canada and bringing back to Colombia a new bike and a new two month visa.

I spent part of yesterday looking up more parts for the new bike. Oh! And I went to the movies. I saw ‘Hall Pass’. Assigned seat and everything. They didn’t recline like the ones in Bangkok. I thought of my and Susan’s trip to Thailand. Well he trip to Thailand and OUR trip to Burma. I really haven’t been keeping in touch with her as much as I would like to and it shows when we talk. I want to visit her family this summer with Cara.

After these parts I am done. Except for the front suspension. It will be less than $500.00 though. Bike: $15,000.00, add on’s: $9,000.00. I still have to get all the shit on the bike. I am going to do it myself. This way I get to know the bike. I also want to make the rims tubeless. There is a really good article on ADVrider on how to do this. I am really looking forward to the project.

What if I have to go under the knife? I’ll get to ride the bike – what – a month. Until they prep shit then according to the surgeon nine months to a year rehab. I have been thinking of this of late. Fuck it.

After Taganga I would like to take a drive up to Punta Gallinas, the northern most point in South America. The book shows no road but my map does. I left the off-road tyres in Bogota. Shit hole. There is a lot of sand. The book reads, “Punta Gallinas is the kind of mystical place you read about in book like Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach’ or see in movies like Playa Boca del Cielo in the 2001 film, ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, but rarely stumble upon in real life.” According to the bible the road ends at a village called ‘Cabo de la Vela’. It reads, “Cabo de la Villa is not for everyone – you are defiantly off the grid here. It is not uncommon to see Wayuu men [no one has succeed in defeated these people, conquistadors included] toting large rifles or a goat-slaughtering in someone’s living room. But for a certain type of traveler – you know who you are – Cabo is the sort of place you can lose yourself indefinitely.” There are no hotels here; I will stay with the villagers – if Electra makes it. Without her, I will not go. It’s just as important to her feet as it is mine. I should have brought her knobbies. What a dummy. I could take a boat but that would NOT suffice. This place is a long ways away from Taganga. It would be a kick in the box to get there and find out I couldn’t go.

I have been thinking of her a lot lately. Electra, that is.

In Curumani I am staying at a place that has a TV, secure parking, AC, wireless [doesn’t work/un plug the router] and cold water for $COP35.00/noche. I am resound to paying $USD20.00/night. I need it as I get older. I found this place via billboard on the highway. I don’t have internet, which is a bitch because I wanted to order the rest of the parts for the new bike.

I was looking at the climate chart and when I fly back I think I am going to have to return in September. October is too wet. I will have to check the charts for Ecuador first.

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