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Apologies for the lack of any updates recently, it has been a busy couple of weeks. So I will do a couple of entries to cover what I have been up to. I was very privileged to get the chance to go the island of Lamu 2 weekends ago courtesy of Sky Relief, which was really relaxing and very hot!! I was staying at a brilliant little B&B run by a very funny little German man who had only been there for a year and was clearly still trying to get to grips with Africa. But he was very helpful and got me onto a ‘sunset cruise’ with 4 other people from the B&B. The cruise was fantastic, we went out in a little ‘dhowa’ (local sailing boat) and sailed for a couple of hours through the mangroves of a neighbouring island before emerging back into the open waters to watch the sun go down behind the island. We then sailed into a beach and had a barbeque of fresh fish and a vegetable curry by the bonfire, it was delicious (in spite of the fact I don’t really like fish!) Apart from that brilliant boat trip I also got a guided tour around Lamu town by a rather desperate local looking for a bit of cash. Although the tour probably wasn’t the most informative in the world it was so interesting to walk around a town which is so completely different to any other I had seen in Africa so far. Lamu has only 2 cars on the whole island but it has 6000 donkeys! The streets in Lamu are so unbelievably narrow that donkeys are the only practical mode of transport; they are used for absolutely everything. I also did manage to get an afternoon on the 12km long beach only 40mins walk from the town which was very relaxing. Sadly the time flew by on Lamu and by Sunday afternoon it was time to head back to Nairobi in order to pack my things and get ready for Zimbabwe!

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