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hello, hello, hello...

Obviously from the humourous title you can tell that i'm back writing the journals!!!! Finished my campervan trip with Peter -he's now in New Zealand and i'm up here on the mountain with the vikster!!!

Things here are getting better and better as the season draws nearer,,,all but one thing...the closer we get to the season, the more vermin want to join in!!!! The tally is now up to three (2 mice and 1 bush rat!!) Vikki isnt enjoying our new flatmates -they keep her awake all night scurrying around...directly above my head!!! (i must be a pretty deep sleeper as i've only heard them once -think that could have something to do with the amount of alcohol i've consumed though!!!)

Each morning me and Nat go and look in the traps spread around our flat and if we've caught one i make vikki go and look -kinda like rubbing a dogs nose in their business...its supposed to be getting her over her fear but unfortunately i think i'm making things worse!!! I'm sure she'll toughen up eventually!!!! And if not...well it is kinda funny to see her squirming...hehehehehe

Thats all ofr now folks,

Hope all is wellwith everyone and can i just say...its great to be back!

love Emma and Vikki (and Nat but shes off cleaning at the mo!)

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