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We decided to go and find filming locations from the famous TV show "LOST" locations. They are some of the most beautiful locations on the Hawaiian Islands and many of them accessible from the road side. Our first stop is actually one or our favorite spots on Oahu, just past Hahnium Bay there is a scenic point turn off. It is awe inspiring, the rocks that continue out over the lookout is where you need to be, you just climb over the knee high wall onto the rocks and down to the most wonderful formations carved out by the waves. We took a few pictures in the exact locations of some of the actors. Sounds creepy and weird I know but it was kind of fun. The ocean view is awesome, we saw a humpback whale do a full breach literally right in front of us, waves coming into little coves, and the water is the most amazing teal blue color. Even if there is a main road right off this scenic point you don't hear a thing because you are so over taken by the beauty of the sight before you.

We carried on up to Hahnium Bay where we took a short hike up to Pele's Chair. Watched some locals swimming in the little ocean cove just below the rock formation. Continued our journey up the north east coast taking in all the sights and beaches along the way. So many beautiful beaches here and the color of the water astounds you at every turn. At Kahuna Bay beach park we stopped to take a photo of a group carving Pele in the sand. It was huge, great job on the face and they were still working on her hands and the back part of the masterpiece. A lot of families out to enjoy the day, some hang gliders landed on the beach near us, Hawaiian music playing through some speakers the locals had set up - great atmosphere.

We stopped at the Tropical Local Macadamia Farm for a fresh Koan coffee and nut tasting. Continued on our way to the Turtle Bay Resort, this is where a lot of movie scenes are filmed, one being "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". We went to the Ola restaurant to sit on the beach, enjoy a bite to each and watch the ocean. Our server told us that we were sitting in the spot where a scene in the movie was shot. (have to watch it now to refresh our memories) We ordered the Garlic Edamame Beans which are slightly salted and has a clove of roasted garlic squeezed over the beans by your waiter. We ordered a plate of "Poke" which is marinated raw ahi tuna and a plate of Kalua Pork Nachos. (all appetizers) They were all DELICIOUS, the beans come in a large portion and very, very garlicky but well worth the consequence after. The Poke was great, never thought we would enjoy eating raw fish like that but this is the best we have ever had. Not fishy at all, did leave a little of a fishy after taste once we were done our entire meal but nothing to warrant a dislike of the dish. At $12 it's a little pricey but this is a higher end restaurant that has great reviews and by the taste of their dishes they know what they are doing. The edamame beans were $6.50 for a large bowl full and the Kalua Pork nachos were $6.95 which are not really nachos but rather three individual big nachos with all the toppings on top. Well worth trying and the money. Had a great time sitting on the beach and enjoying our meal. We walked around the resort and found the North side of the bay to watch the sunset. Of course we were welcomed by some surfers catching the last waves of the day. Some pretty good waves and decent surfer being done. Once the sun set we headed on back down the coast to the hotel on Waikiki retiring to our room, drinking a few beers and falling fast asleep.

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