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A scooter guy on Electra

Nice pipe

Custom swing arm, a lot of carbon, Ohlins - Thw works


Two Brothers Racing Pipe - on a scooter

Baby Kronosaurus

The church in Villa de leyva

March 13, 2010

I got up today to beautiful clear skies. The destination: ‘Villa de Leyva’. This is purportedly ‘one of the most beautiful colonial villages in all Colombia’. And they are RIGHT! It’s a lot like Antigua Guatemala – only smaller. At least centro is smaller. I am suspect that there is a lot of Gringos here.

On the way out of Bogota I was pulled over by the police – check point. No problem. I gave them my DL, Sura, and temporary importation doc. Not good enough. The rookie cop in training want to see my document that show that Electra is road worthy. Some sort of safety bullshit. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. No problem Senior. He them pulls over another motorcyclist – a local – to get HIS ‘safety’ so that he can show me what it looks like! THEN I notice a flatbed tow truck in front about 50’ feet in of us that has several bikes on it already. Awhhhh, fuck me. It’s Sunday – where am I gonna get this thing inspected today?

He gets his man, shows me what it looks like and what can I do? “Uhhh, OK – now I know.” They huddle together and decide that it’s my lucky day and get me get on my way. After a shit load of mucho gracias’ I am off to get petrol.

I stop for fuel and realize that I need aire too. There are about six scooters hovering around the aire pump so I know I have going have to practice some Spanish. Now worries. I am almost bi-lingual at this point. Especially when it comes to, “where are you from, what year is the bike, how many cc’s, did you drive it here, how did you get from Panama to Colombia, what is your age, what is you profession, blah, blah, blah.”

I turned into a gong show. Apparently, today, at the track, there is a race and they are al racing. Upon closer inspection some of these guy have there scooters really done. One guy even has a Two Bros. Racing pipe. This pipe, for Electra, would set me back and easy CAN$1,000.00. The pipe for my new bike cost me about CAN$1,200.00; 8% of the total cost of the bike!!

These guys were feaking out over Electra. And when I told them my partial story – they lost it. Yep – Electra is the band and I am the front man. There where a lot of photos taken; them on the Electra – with my helmet on!, me on the Electra – solo, me on Electra – with everyone else beside us…the list goes on and on. They were taking stickers off of their bikes and putting them on Electra – she loved it!! I waned to fuck off but they wanted me to wait. Apparently more of their friends are showing up with some really tricked out scooters. They were right. I have never ever seen some much money put into some of the scooters that showed up! These are really rich Colombian kids who’s daddies have a lot of disposable income. Finally I had to leave. The crowd roared. It was awesome.

On my way to Villa de Leyva I saw several nice cars coming from the opposite direction. Yep, this is gonna be Guatemala City’s version of Antigua.

I arrived around 2pm and Antigua it is. I found a nice room at a really religious family’s house for $COP25.00 per night; about $USD13.00. Hot water and TV. No internet though. A friend gave me a cross that I now wear and I made sure that it was displayed. Whether it works or not I will never know. My arms were covered but my bangs are down to my chin and the earrings probably didn’t help.

Villa de Leyva is super touristy AND expensive. A steak with all the trimmings cost me $USD12.00. Damn! Same price as my room.

Being without internet for the last few days I sure have a lot to post and a TON of photos. I have been using the Canon lately so it’s going to take me a day just to upload what I have to my website.

March 14, 2011

Last night I was walking across Parque Principle. Yet another name for the main plaza in town, and I hear my name being called. It was the Brits with the two 1200’s from Medellin. I ended up having a few pops with the lads. They sure are great people.

I pretty much spent the entire day riding. First I walked around Villa de Leyva looking for something to buy Mom. They have such nice paunchos here. The entire time I have spent in Villa I have thought about my Mom. I couldn’t find anything.

I left Villa around 10am and tried to get to the Palanatologi Museo. It was closed - Tuesday to Saturday only.

Next stop El Fosil. A 120MN year old baby Kronosaurus. This is the world’s most complete specimen of this species. A campasio found it in the 70’s and archeologists have built a museo around it. On my way here I past some gringos walking. After the tour I met them outside and the guy, from Spain, recognized me from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – in October. Hells yeah!!! We had a chat for about five minutes then I left to Ranquira – the craft [crap] shop capital of all hell. It was bullshit and I left after a tinto. Next stop Chiquinquira – the most religious place of all Colombia. Population 60,000; elevation 2600m

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