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NO PICS....Just a note to tell you all that we are safe here. Our site is over 100 feet above sea level. All schools the entire length of the coast are closed and a high percentage of the BLM employees we work with have been evacuated. The news and "specialists" are reporting that they really don't expect a lot of high water, but all precautions are being taken as they haven't had to deal with something this big in a LONG time.

Thank you to ALL who have called and sent texts! Please pray for those people of Japan.

Rick went out to see what he could see and got put to work making sure no one goes down to Cobble Beach. (It's ok, the landing is about 50 above sea level).

We started seeing non-stop traffic through the entry gate since 6 am - some evacuees and some lookie-loos.

Will write more later.

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