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Our site at Santee Lakes

RV storage sheds with solar panels on top.

Floating Cabins at park

One of the lakes with paddle boats that you can rent.

Chris & Yesenia

USS Midway

Pedi Cab at Seaport Village

"Duck" tour bus/boat

One of the street performers playing an Australian instrument. Notice the bells...

Parrots at Seaport Village

Kite Flying

San Diego Bay and the Coronado Bridge

Coronado Hotel

USS Bonhomme Richard in dry dock being serviced

Mexican Market in Old Town

Visitors Center in Old Town

Diorama of what city looked like in the 1820's

Brad & I at the Visitors Center

Catholic Church in Old Town

Best Western Hotel on hill overlooking Old Town

Miramar Marine Base

The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum on Miramar Base

Chris & Yesenia's Apartment building

The park we stayed at in the San Diego area was beautiful. It is called Santee Lakes Park. It is run by the Padre Dam Water Commission. It's a nice recreation area for both day users and campers. They have 300 campsites. Within the park is a series of 7 lakes which I think are man-made. There are also several large covered RV storage sheds with large solar panels on the roofs that supply 50% of the park's electricity. The water in the brooks and used for watering is all reclaimed water. The brook in back of us at times was dry as a bone and at other times running very swiftly. The park is located in the foothill of the mountains northeast of San Diego. It was only about a half hour ride into San Diego.

Saturday, Chris & Yesenia came over to the coach. We got hot dogs and hamburghs at the concession stand and ate on the patio next to lake #3. We had also picked up a bag of duck food and Yesenia and I had fun feeding the ducks. Chris even got up and helped. The fourth member of our party was too busy eating to join us! At one point we had quite a number of ducks diving for the food we were throwing in the water. They do get quite aggressive with one another.

After lunch Chris took us on a tour of San Diego. He pointed several things out along the way. We stopped at the Seaport Village where the USS Midway, a WWII battleship is berthed. We didn't tour it in the interest of time. We walked around the area which has souvenier shops, restaurants, a carousel,sidewalk entertainers, and all modes of transportaion. There were many pedi-cabs (bicycles pulling carts that would hold two people), Horse drawn carriage, and the trolleys. I don't think I would have been comfortable riding in one of the pedi-cabs on the main streets with all the traffic.

It was located on the bay and we could see the Coronado Bridge and watch the boat traffic as well. There was a man there with several species of parrots that he would set on your shoulder or arm if you wanted (for a donation). All the birds were rescue birds. There were also people flying kites. The weather was warm and we really enjoyed walking around there. When we left there Chris drove us over to Coronado. The traffic was so heavy we weren't able to stop but he pointed out the Coronado Hotel and the beach behind it.

From there Chris took us to Old Town. This part of San Diego was the oldest city in California. Many of the original building are still there. They had some of the most beautiful Mexican pottery there. I'm really kicking myself I didn't buy any. Some of the houses have been turned into shops. We stayed there until buildings were closing and the sun had gone down and it was starting to get chilly.

Brad wanted to take us all out to dinner and Chris & Yesenia has said they really miss the Texas Roadhouse Restaurants. The girl in the park office had told us about the Roadhouse Grill and we decided to try that. It was a close facsimile of the Texas Roadhouse and we all enjoyed our meal. What a wonderful way to end a very enjoyable day.

Sunday we went over to see their apartment. It's a third floor walk up. I have the bad knees but you know who did the most complaining about the climb! Their apartment is very nice. They have a great kitchen with separate dining area and two bedrooms and two baths. Chris showed us his pictures from when he was deployed to the Middle East aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard. After seeing the pictures Chris took us on a tour of Miramar, the Marine base which he's stationed at. We saw the different planes and where he works. He also took us to see the outside plane exhibit at the Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

Monday, it rained on and off all day. We had planned to visit Balboa Park and maybe take a boat ride on the bay but with the weather we decided to stay at the coach and relax.

The purpose of our trip to San Diego was to see Chris & Yesenia. We were able to spend quite a bit of time with them and do some sightseeing as well. We call that a win-win!

Fuel prices in CA are the highest in the Nation. Fortunately, we can wait until we get back in Arizona to fill the coach. The cheapest gas price we saw in CA was $3.85/gallon. In Coronado, the cheapest we saw was $4.19/gal. It's going to cost us a lot more going home than it did coming out.

Tonight we are in Gila Bend, AZ. We are on our way EAST.

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