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Curry! On a banana leaf!!

Mountain Goats

We made it


After a long 8 hour drive, we were really pleased to arrive at the Cameron Highlands and meet up with Eva and John. So nice to see them and hear all about their adventures in India, also the temperature is cooler, in fact we've had to ask for another blanket as it's cold at night.

Our first meal together involved all kinds of curry served upon a banana leaf-very tasty.

Today we set off at 10 am to follow a trail into the mountains, aiming for about a 3 hour walk. 6 hours later we returned, exhausted to Tanah Rata, having got completley lost upon the mountains. We did meet some interesting Nepalese workers, as we slithered on our bottoms down the plantations-it was so steep!!

We eventually reached the road, by then almost crawling on our hands and knees. Theo stuck his thumb out and flagged Eva and myself a boneshaker of a lorry. After we jumped in and smoked and belched our way up the steep windy road, Theo then flagged John and himself down a really nice car and arrived just behind us back in the town, in style.

A guiness and a roti canai was definately called for after the days adventures.

We've decided to have a tourist day to the tea plantations tomorrow, for tea and scones and relaxation.

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