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Snow on the morning of the 24th- pretty unusual for sea level

Snow on the top stair leading down to Cobble Beach & all...

A beautiful shot of a section of the Communications Hill trail

Anna wanting to say "Hello" to the squirrel that's up in the...

Here's a view of our camping spot from the top of Communications...

Ah Ha! The reason they call it Communications Hill (Coast Guard communications...

Here's the best shot we could get of the rain/hail/snow that came...

Here's an unusual site- A large fish caught in a tidal pool....

Well folks, the weather hasn't improved much...'guess February is going out with an bad attitude!

On the 24th we woke up to MORE snow. The sun was trying to shine so we decided to try the Communications Hill trail before the next storm got to shore. That trail is at least twice as far as the Salal Hill trail. Rick amazes me and is such a trooper because even though his back is still bothering him but he managed to make it to the top and back down. (In reality he whined like a school-girl and repeated "Oh, God!" most of the way, becoming silent only during picture taking moments!) The next storm hit just as we approached the bottom of the hill and got into the car. The storm wasn't just rain...oh no...there was snow and small hail too! Again we couldn't quite get the full effect through the camera.

The temperature was suppose to drop even more that night so we disconnected our water supply hose from the spigot. Good thing! The spigot was still frozen at 10:30 the next morning. Hey, Linda (Hadam)Thanks for the hot/cold corn-pack! In addition to using it every night for back relief it worked like a champ to thaw out the spigot!

More rain and cold temps since but no more freezing...thank goodness.

You've heard the saying "If the trailer's a rockin' don't go a knockin."? Well we didn't have anyone knocking all last night during the 60-70 mile an hour wind gusts. It was just pain wicked!! We didn't get any sleep, but it wasn't because we were having too much fun...if you know what I mean. We could hear a lot of the gusts whipping through the trees just before it reached us and when they hit it felt like we were in an airplane going through turbulance. Just as we would finally start dozing off the wind would throw tree parts on top of the rig. Dang! Enough already!!! What an experience! Then, like magic the wind stopped just as the sun tried to peek through the clouds with the days' beginning.

It has continued to rain today but the temp is back in the 40's. Here's to hoping that March 1 (tomorrow) will bring less severe weather....Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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