Escape From Britain! 2011 travel blog

7th Feb: Train ride last night took 14 hours and was really bumpy, it is referred to as the death train as its so slow and bumpy you want to chuck yourself under the train!!!!! So we are in Brazil now! Brazil is only 3 hours behind the UK. After the train we got a mini bus over the border then a truck into the pantanal. Just on the drive into the Pantanal we saw lots of wildlife including an alligator (caimen) by the side of the road. We are staying on a farm, its really nice and we are all staying in a hammock room, they are a lot more comfortable than we thought they would be. We went on a walk with our guide (who lives on the farm) in the afternoon and again at night. At night it was so dark you could hardly see where you were going and couldnt always use a torch. When you shone your torch at the lake it looked like a starry sky as it was filled with Caimen eyes looking back at you!!! There were a couple of frogs in our room and a massive one that kept trying to get in!

8th Feb: This morning we wen piranha fishing! We saw so many animals on the way, caimen, these big guinea pig things, vultures, cuckoos, cranes, herons, kingfishers, hawks, lizard , toucans and more!! We had very basic fishing rods and attached a big lump of meat to the hook and then we had to wade into the lake and throw the line in and straight away the piranha started taking the bait. We were stood in the water with only our socks on our feet in piranha and caimen infested waters!!! It was an experience especially when the caimen got a bit interested in us and started creeping towards us! We both caught piranha. After lunch we went on a horse ride which was good fun, Abby┬┤s horse stepped on a caimen which then ran away luckily!! We really enjoyed today and then enjoyed our piranha dinner too which was yummy!

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