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Evidence of snow on Feb 18th

Another view of the snow to give you feel of the density

A view of the lighthouse from Salal Hill

Anna and I at the top of Salal Hill - this is...

Another view North from mid-way down Salal Hill

This is the Salal plant - hence the trail name

A vew South from Salal Hill - you can actually see one...

A view of the Lighthouse and a fishing boat from Salal Hill

The only photo Rick had time to take before the Lighthouse visitor...

Putting up the flags at Interpretive Center.

While I was in the "IC" Rick got to watch this seal...

Our last post was on the is our "saturday" so I thought I'd fill you in on what's happened in the past 5 days and of course, share some more photos with all of you.

To Eric and Dan & Gail who found the missing propeller on the "What's missing". catalina PBY...what do you win??? about a PBJ (not to be confused with a PBY) redeemable only at campsite #1, Yaquina Head Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, Newport, Oregon! Must be redeemed on or before 5:00 p.m. on February 25th, 2011. Winner must appear in person to redeem. :)

Friday (the 18th) we got snow...yes, snow at about 200 feet above sea level(where we live)! For a couple hours we saw a lot of rain with mixed in snow. By the time we reported in for work it had stopped raining and the sun was trying to shine...not too successfully, but it was trying.

On that day Rick worked in the Interpretive Center and I was assigned to the tide-pools. With the President's day holiday weekend we were seeing more visitors. Saturday and Sunday BLM rangers took care of the lighthouse tours...darn good thing! There were 350 visitors each day - Rick and I had yet to see more than a hundred. We were asked to give the rangers a break on one of those days so we got a taste of what we might experience next month. What a difference!

With the expectation that there would be fewer visitors on Monday because they would be traveling back home, we were assigned to the lighthouse. We saw 240 visitors --more than BLM was expecting. We managed to keep control and ended up having a great day.

Saturday and Sunday's weather was outstanding - sunny and warm both days. It looked like another nice day on Monday so we took a walk up Salal Hill (pronounced 'so loll'). That trail takes off from the lighthouse parking lot and provides great views of the area.

Tuesday it was my turn to work in the Interpretive Center and Rick worked at the tidepools. The weather went back to being rainy and windy...good thing they provide nice warm coats, hats and rain-gear! It's always amazing how many visitors show up when the weather is crummy. 'Hardy souls!!

It's suppose to be rainy & snowing today and tommorrow (seen it already), so we still haven't decided exactly what we're doing....maybe we'll check out Corvalis. A couple of visitors offered to show us the town..we just might take them up on their offer.

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