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The Accident of Sept. 18-19, 1980

Flowering Cactus outside the entrance

Don't know why these cactus have a purple tint to it

Tom with his hard hat on because he is over 5'10" tall

John and Jan in their hard hats

The missile

The missile in the silo

They picked Jan to be the "Captain" of the launch crew

HF Discone Antenna

Green Valley Amateur Radio Club

Today we took a very interesting tour of the "Titan II Missile Museum".

The Titan II is the largest ballistic missile developed by the United States. It can carry a warhead of over nine megatons, or the equivalent of nine million tons of TNT and deliver it within 5,500 miles in less than a half an hour. The amount of TNT to equal the explosive power of the Titan II warhead would require a train of 90,000 boxcars. The train would be 1,534 miles long, not counting the engines or caboose and would stretch from Tucson, AZ to Lexington, KY.

The first tour begins at 9am and the last tour begins at 4:30pm. On this tour, you'll stand on top of the launch duct and observe the Titan II missile in the launch duct.

Then you'll descend 35 feet into the underground missile complex and visit the launch control center where you'll experience a simulated launch of the missile. Jan was our "Captain" at the time and was responsible one for turning the key to launch the Titan II missile and to send the missile to its intended target that no one knew where that target is.

Finally, you'll visit level 2 of the missile silo where you'll have another view of the missile in the launch duct.

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