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Saturday - A nothing day really, just cought up on saome emails and cleaned up the house. Lots of Fun!!! Then in the afternoon went to the local market and bought a digital TV box which gives us 35 channels and there FREE. I think it might be stolen but never mind it works ok thats the main thing.

Sunday - Of to church this morning. Well not real church a place that is called the Church and sells alcohol (any excuse), but unfortunatly it was full so we found a local public house and found our alcohol there. About 8 hours later mad it home in one peice although the wallet was a little lighter.

Monday - After getting up at 2pm (it was a big day the day before) went and got some groceries then back to the house for soem more sleep.

Tuesday - My first interview in London at 10am followed by my second at 12pm and my third at 3.30pm. They where all with Agencies and it looks like I might have a job inside two weeks which will be great.

Wednesday - Fourth interview at 1pm today. This guy seemed to very promosing, although another agency I had to do some tests and he has got me a follow up interview for next week.

Thursday - Not much to do today except wait by the phone for a job interview. Went to the sheppards bush Walkabout (aussie theme pub) and bought my tickets to the australia vs new zealand soccer game next week in london. It took 1 hour on a bus to get there and then another hour on the train getting back, Lots of fun!!!

Friday - Went and looked around the shops near where I live and tried to register with the library and the video shop, found a closer bus stop and cleaned the room again, doesn't take long to get dirty.

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