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Salton Sea

Campground at Salton Sea

Salton Sea

Tom's backyard

On the golf course


Pool and hot tub

Jim and Tom


Tom, Marla, Maureen, Jim, Ingrid, and Larry


The view from the front of their house

The dog park at Indian Waters - it was dry the day...

Snow at Palm Springs

Nasty cloud at Banning

Snow that fell over night at Morongo Casino

Ice cream birthday cake

Lemon cream pie

Sam, Helen, Dale, Glenn




Diamond Valley Lake

Houses in the mountains

Cool car

Dairy Farm

Cheese shop

Pump house on the west side of Diamond Valley Lake

These two sisters were staying in the park

Coyotes at the side of the road

Lots of rocks

Coming down Montezuma Valley Road into Borrego Springs



Golf at Borrego RV Resort



Houses at the resort


On the west side of the mountain, there is a lot of...

Boat launch at Diamond Valley Lake

Big retaining wall!

Road around the lake was closed

Hemet Valley

Lots of snow the day after the rains


It was a short drive to Indio from Yuma on February 18. We stopped in El Centro to shop at Costco. We drove up the East side of the Salton Sea which is a quite large body of water in the desert, just about sea level. We stopped there to make our lunch.

We arrived in Indio early afternoon and looked up Jim and Ingrid from South Surrey. It rained all night while we were at Indian Waters in Indio. Some of the roads were flooded in several places. Tom and Marla invited us all for a wonderful home-cooked breakfast Saturday morning. Then we headed a whole 30 miles to the Morongo Casino. Turns out they will let you park there as long as you want with no curfew on the use of your generator. While we were waiting to go to dinner, Larry's brother Glenn and Marlene, their oldest son Chris and Chelsea had spotted us when they were coming out of the casino! They are staying in Hemet and after a quick visit they headed back. So we went over for the prime rib buffet for dinner. We joined the Winners' Circle and received $10 each off our buffet (making it $8.95). Good deal plus we took the shuttle both ways door to door. It rained most of the night again, snowing on the mountains, but the sun was out when we got up the next morning. We only like driving when its sunny that way Larry doesn't have to wash the coach when we arrive. It made it nice driving the 27 miles to Hemet.

On the 21st it was Larry and Glenn's birthday and we had a wonderful dinner at Glenn and Marlene's with two other couples. It's amazing how many people you can fit in a motorhome!!

On the 22nd we wandered around Hemet, into the mountains and around the area. On the 23rd we drove to Temecula to Costco where we bought a new Keurig Coffee Maker as our Cuisinart failed again for the fourth time. On the way back we stopped at a Cheese Shop where they make their own gouda cheese.

On Friday, the 25th we drove to Borrego Springs in the Jeep. There is a nice RV Resort there we wanted to check out (and it turned out a couple on the way there). We also visited with a friend who showed us around a bit and with whom we had lunch. The road we drove down into Borrego on is called Montezuma Valley Road. It's quite steep and winding. Good thing we were just driving the Jeep. On the way up it was cloudy and 36F at the top, 3000 feet. In Borrego it was sunny and clear. When we drove back over the top, there were very black clouds all over. It was 59F when we left Borrego which is at 500 feet and when we got to the top it was 39F. The rain didn't start until we almost got back to Hemet and then it poured rain for almost 24 hours. The snow line in the mountains around us dropped to 500 ft as well so there was lots of snow to see when the clouds lifted.

On the 26th we drove up to Diamond Valley Lake. Diamond Valley Lake is a reservoir and is a lifeline for Southern California in times of drought. The lake holds enough water to meet the area’s emergency and drought needs for six months and is an important component in Metropolitan’s plan to provide a reliable supply of water to the 18 million people in Southern California who count on it.

On Sunday we left to go to the San Diego area.

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