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St. Louis skyline & Gateway Arch reflecting on the Mississippi River.

Crossing from Illinois into Missouri over the Mississippi River

Oops! I missed the Welcome to Missouri sign.

Busch Stadium alongside the interstate.

Budweiser Bottling Plant

St. Louis is a mix of old and new buildings

Jesse James Hideout in the Meramec Caverns ahead.

Miles of fields of grapes

Grape stands along the road

and Wineries . . .

Traveling south west along Interstate 44 towards Interstate 40, along side the...

Off and on the interstate was right next to Route 66, two...

Antique signs of vendors (still in business) that graced the old Route...

Interstate 44 and little Route 66

More evidence of days gone by in the heartland.

Gee, tell us how you feel . . .

Route 66 through Missouri farmland

Our silly backseat passenger asleep half in and half out of her...

Welcome to Olkahoma

Oklahoma farmland

Oklahoma cattle

Oklahoma Winery - what?

Rest stop on either side of Interstate with a McDonalds restraurant as...

Claremore, OK Elks Lodge. Nice place to stop for the night.

We were disappointed that we didn't get to visit with our friend Jane last night, but we did talk to her on the phone. Poor Jane is so sick with the flu. We did have a nice evening in the Granite City, Illinois Elks Lodge. It was like most Elks Lodges, friendly.

We had been traveling on Interstate 55 down from Chicago, but as we passed through St. Louis we transitioned to the 44 as it heads south west to Interstate 40 that takes us home to California. This route follows alongside the old Route 66 with all it's colorful old signs for the vendors and tourist attractions.

We passed miles of grape fields and wineries in both Missouri and Oklahoma. The oddest thing we saw today was a "bridge" over the interstate that was a McDonalds restraurant.

When Larry decided he had driven long enough today we found another Elks Lodge with RV parking in Claremore, Ok. again enjoying the local folks in the lounge.

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