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Heading for the Start

Up the Bridge

Heading toward the Beach

On the Beach

Neighborhood Run

Mile 20

Heading South

Back over the Bridge (mile 25)

Finish Dead Ahead

Sue is doing very well. She has 80% recovered from her surgery and has been increasing the amount of walking that she does each day.

I had planned to run the St. Louis Marathon in April. But our stay here through June meant a review of the calendar to find a substitute. It turns out that they don't run endurance races in Florida after February. So, I decided on Friday to run the 26.2 with Donna National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer in Jacksonville Beach today.

I drove up yesterday and registered for the race. It was a really nice (if painful) run that starts a few miles inland and heads over a bridge across the Inland Waterway toward the Atlantic Ocean. With more that 5000 runners all starting at the same time things were pretty congested at the start. It stayed crowded as we hit the beach at about mile 5 or so. The beaches are hard sand and good for running.

We dropped the half marathoners about halfway up the beach. As the run headed back inland we ran through some nice neighborhoods with shade-providing trees. Things didn't get tough until we hit mile 20 with the rest of the run in the sun. We headed back over the Inland Waterway Bridge and hit mile 25 near the top. It was great to see the finish line and I had a good time of 4:54:08.

The drive back took four hours and my legs weren't very happy. But I did make it back to Sue, Arnie and the See Ya in time for dinner at 6:00. While I was gone, Sue and a mobile RV repairman fixed our ailing refrigerator. (RV life goes on)

Tomorrow we plan on a Valentine's Day dinner at Ozona Blue with the Davises.

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