Winter 2011 - Diagnosis Changes Plans travel blog

Ken and Dee Davis arrived on the day of Sue's surgery and have provided support during the waiting period since. It is always fun to get together with them.

We sat down with Dr. Apte this morning to get the results of the clinical workup. He said, "it's mostly good news." Not exactly what we wanted to hear, but better than it might have been.

The good news is that they found no cancer cells outside of the uterus. But the cells in the uterus were aggressive and had penedtrated deeply into the uterine wall. So he has recommended and we have agreed to further treatment.

To reduce the chance of a reoccurence in the vaginal area, Sue will undergo radiation therapy. To reduce the chance of any cancer occuring elsewhere she will undergo six chemotherapy sessions spread over three months. Dr. Apte says that we are aiming for a complete cure.

We are of course worried about the side effects of these therapies, but we understand that they have made great progress in controlling those side effects. So we are hopeful that it won't be too bad. Sue will be needing some hats though.

We have already begun adjusting our plans and have booked the Dunedin RV Resort through the month of June. Sue starts the chemo on February 14.

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