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Today we did the "Pumpkin Patch Trail". It was an amazing 4x4...

Explanation of where the name Pumpkin Patch came from

Debbie and Jan at the Pumpkin Patch

To get to the pumpkin patch you climb through this wooden opening

Pumpkin Patch

Tony followed up on his "Quad" that is how he likes riding...

Tom was the only one who was willing to tread this hill

He made it all the way to the top and took photos...

The otherside of the hill that we could not see. Tom took...

The desert

Desert Scenery




Tom thinking figuring out how to climb this hill the best way

Riding along

Our jeeps at the bottom of the hill

Debbie & Jan treading up the hill

Where there are 5 palm trees

The 5 Palm Trees

A learning booth was set up at the Pumpkin Patch

Tusk from a Columbia Mammoth


Desert Wildlife

Today we did a great 4x4 Jeeping Adventure through the wonderful California Desert. John, Jan, Debbie, Tony (on his own quad), Tom and I went together. But when we hit the area for only roadable vehicles Tony had to head back by himself. So we met him back at the RV compound.

We did some amazing Jeeping trails and saw some incredible scenery. This will have to be a must to repeat and stay longer. We only have two days to venture the trails.

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