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This perrigrine falcon was surfing the wind today near the entry gate...

Cobble Beach and the Lighthouse during the storm. Taken at about 3:30...

One more view of the ocean during the storm

This is the front desk area of the Interpretive Center; also showing...

This is the information board showing high/low tides, critters to watch for...

More of the interpretive center

All decked out in my BLM gear to set up a viewing...

After two weeks of beautiful weather it has finally turned inclimate...or as Rick puts it "The weather's turned to shit!" Today the wind decided to blow, progressively getting stronger as the day wore on. When we reported in at 9 a.m. it was probably gusting up to 20mph. The ranger in charge today (Roy) decided that it might be better if we could start our shift at noon instead...which was fine with us...we had no other commitments. By the time we went back at noon the wind was a constant 30+mph with gusts up to 48+.

Rick worked with Ranger Roy on Cobble Beach and I was asked to help Ranger Laura with self-guided tours in the lighthouse because the ranger (Melissa) that was originally scheduled in the lighthouse had been in a car accident and needed to stay in the Interpretive Center - hence the change of schedule.

By about 1:30 the wind was a steady 45+mph with gusts up to 60something. Typically the lighthouse is closed when the wind is a steady 50+ so we were on the edge of closing early the entire afternoon.

Rick's adventures with Roy were very interesting, leaning a lot about the tide-pools, but the wind made it very difficult for him to hear what Roy was saying if his head was turned away at all and getting knocked around by the wind made trying to walk around on the tide-pools extra challenging. Visitors were having a tough time standing in one place or walking from place "A" to place "B" without looking very drunk. Despite the aweful weather we saw a lot of visitors. Rick had no way of counting them on the beach, but we had more than 150 go through the lighthouse in three and a half hours.

We were all back at the Interpretive Center by 4pm, just before the rain began. The ocean was very turbulant so it looked really spectacular. (Today would have been a great day to visit Devil's Churn). After being home a few minutes we found that our fifth wheel handles the wind quite well. We can feel the gusts but it doesn't rock the trailer and we aren't suffering from any air drafts or leaking windows :)...we are quite cozy in our little home.

Yesterday our tasks were to cover the desk in the interpretive center and set up a viewing scope (if there was anything to focus on). Rick and I decided that I would do the scope duty while he stayed in the center. Once at the top of Cobble Beach viewing area I found two male Harlequin Ducks, a Great Blue Heron...and of course the Harbor Seals. I chose the ducks and the visitors seemed to appreciate the up-close view. With spring around the corner more and more migrating birds will be arriving...the fun has just begun.

We are really enjoying this volunteer job.

'Hope you all are enjoying our posts and pictures. We love reading your comments.

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