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Tom at "California Adventures" the second park at Disneyland

Debbie is happy at California Adventure Disney's second theme park in Anaheim,...

California Adventures Park

Tower of Terror overlooking California Adventures, Debbie is thinking of doing this...

Can you find Tom and Debbie riding the "Tower of Terror". Tom...

Roller coaster and ferris wheel at California Adventure

California Aviators is a flying adventure over California

Flowers in the park

Today we spent the day at California Adventure, Disneyland second Park. It was great. But when we arrived early it was a long long line to try and park. So when we reached the exit for the disney's parking lot it was closed off and the routed everyone into Downtown Disney (which did not look good for us with the motorhome and jeep in tow). So we paid our entrance fee and they did not know where to park such a large vehicle. So they put us in some lot to the left and told us to wait. Only to find out we had to go back where we came from and enter through the parking lot that was closed off. They told us that they had to reopen that lot to get the traffic down on the main road. So off we go to wait in line again.

So since we had already paid you only had to wait about 10 minutes to get back up to the toll booth. They we were put in the correct place for large vehicles known as the "Pinoccio Parking Lot" where we were the day before and from this point on life was magical for us.

We enjoyed a great day the California Adventure. Can you believe Debbie even went on the Tower of Terror. Not once but twice. Tom was so excited.

We took our one hour nap again and returned to the park until closing. Closing tonight was 11:00pm. We were tired but Tom decided not to stay at LazyDaze again he decided to leave and drive to Ridgecrest, 3 hours away. Not saying he was being smart but that is what he did. Anyway, we arrived safe at 2:00am and stayed a few hours at Walmart. We then got an appointment with "The Tire Man" as some tire stems he had made for us were broken. So we met up with him and all was good. Then back to David and Clairetta's to meet up with our group.

On the way back we wanted to stop by Camping World again to exchange our bedroom TV and wanted to try it out in the motorhome before leaving with it this time, since our trip last time doing this did not work out so well.

We made it 10 minutes before they closed for the day. They tested the TV in their shop and off we went. Arriving back our our motorhome around 7:30pm. Went and got quick bit to eat, said hello to our friends then it was off to bed for us....

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