The Adventure Begins in '10' (2010) travel blog

Anna in "dog heaven" at Agate Beach

Anna playing at Agate Beach

Anna running back to Rick at Agate Beach

YaQuina Head Lighthouse from Agate Beach

Cobble Beach at YaQuina Head

Cobble Beach is made up of these naturally formed stones

Sunset on Sunday, Jan 30th - Isn't it just beautiful?!

Agate Beach from the end of our rv parking sites

The rv parking sites - only two volunteer rigs until March 1

A zoom-in shot of a couple walking on Agate Beach

Today was our first day of work...well, I guess you could call it "work". We watched our supervisor, Kathleen (who prefers to be called "Kath"), conduct the lighthouse tours. She dressed up in period clothing and took the visitors back in time...she does a great job. There is a lot of information to learn, but we may not have to conduct tours for a little while yet. We have Wednesdays and Thursdays off, so we don't report in again until Friday.

The weather has been unusually warm and pleasant since our arrival. Today was the coolest day at 45 - yesterday and Sunday were both in the 50s.

On Sunday we spent some time at Cobble Beach (here at YaQuina Head) during low-tide checking out all the little critters in the water, then we took Anna to Agate beach, which you can see from the YaQuina Head property. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. She saw the endless beach and all the water and went crazy running, running & running. Then she ran into the water, snapped at it and then looked at us like..."what's making the water taste so bad?". She had no idea it wasn't fresh water until she tasted it! It was hilarious.

Then on Monday we took a drive up to Lincoln City. There is a casino there so we enjoyed a couple of hours of gaming -(we actually came home with a few more dollars than we tried to donate). Neither of us had been there in the last ten years and we were both amazed at the city's growth. Lincoln City seems MUCH larger than Newport.

We've only eaten at one restaurant so far - The Newport Cafe' - and all the food was delicious! 'Nothing better than fresh fish!

We will do more exploring in the next couple of days. 'We'll post more later.

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